Discovering the Akpi or Djansang tree

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The Akpi tree, a fascinating, multi-faceted plant.

The Akpi tree, also known as Djansang in Cameroon, is a fascinating plant with many culinary and medicinal facets in West and Central Africa. Chef Raoul Coly discovers this tree in the Ivory Coast.

Akpi is renowned for its seeds, which are used as a spice in many traditional dishes. The seeds have a distinctive aroma and are often ground to extract a thick paste, used to thicken and flavor sauces and stews.

Its medicinal properties...

In addition to its culinary uses, Akpi is also appreciated for its medicinal properties. Its leaves and roots are used in traditional medicine.

Chef Raoul Coly emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting Africa’s culinary and medicinal riches, not only for their contribution to gastronomy, but also for their role in maintaining ancestral traditions and knowledge.