Happy Valentine's Menu 2024 with Prince

Celebrate Valentine's Day with the gentle sound of the Kora
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This Valentine's Day 2024, it will be with Prince, Kora player.

Welcome to O PETIT CLUB AFRICAIN, where the magic of music and the delicacy of cuisine merge to create an unforgettable experience. On this Valentine’s Day evening (February 14), we invite you to lose yourself in the spellbinding melodies of Kora player Prince, while savoring a gourmet feast designed especially for the occasion. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of music and the refinement of African cuisine in our romantic restaurant.

PS: A small cash contribution of €65 is required.

Prince, seated majestically in an intimate corner of the O PETIT CLUB AFRICAIN restaurant, will deftly maneuver the strings of his kora, creating a spellbinding symphony that will envelop guests in a gentle aura of romance. The melodious notes will intertwine with the murmurs of amorous conversation and the tantalizing scent of African delicacies filling the air.

His music, as delicate as the petals of a rose, will transport lovers on a sensory journey where each chord will tell an eternal love story. Prince’s nimble fingers will caress the strings of his kora with incomparable grace, capturing the very essence of Valentine’s Day.

Couples will lose themselves in the bewitching charm of the music, letting themselves be carried away by the magic of the moment. To the sound of the kora, time seems suspended, offering lovers a precious moment of intimacy, where only love and passion reign supreme.

And in this enchanting setting, the O PETIT CLUB AFRICAIN restaurant will become the stage for a celebration of love, where music, exquisite cuisine and the gentle ambience will blend harmoniously to create unforgettable memories.